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OCME Automatic Empty Pallet Inspection and Quality Control System

OCME Automatic Empty Pallet Inspection System

One of the critical areas in ensuring an efficient packaging operation is the supply of good quality empty Pallets to the Palletising area. This can be labour intensive and with stacks of empty Pallets, some quality issues cannot easily be seen. To overcome this, OCME have developed an Automatic Empty Pallet inspection and checking system.

The system will accept stacks of Pallets either loaded manually by Fork Lift Truck, by an AGV or direct from a Depalletising area. The Robot will then pick them one by one and sort them in to stacks of good and bad Pallets using a wide range of pre-determined checks. Use of a full 6 Axis Robot allows all sides of the Pallet to be inspected. The stacks of good Pallets can then be fed directly in to the Palletising area.

Main Features:

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